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Ecuador Flag
Ecuador's flag has been in use since 1860, which makes it one of the world's oldest flag designs.  The bright yellow, blue and red flag is a symbol of Ecuador and its national pride and you will see it everywhere from football matches to government departments. 

To buy an Ecuador flag, just head for a football match!  Crazy as it sounds, the Ecuadorians often sell national flags outside big matches so that supporters can show their loyalty to their country, so you'll see lots of fans buying flags.  The flags are surprisingly cheap, and you can probably pick up a bargain football strip in the national colours, too.

An internet search for 'Ecuador flag' will give you lots of information, much of it contradictory, especially when it comes to the symbolic meanings of the flag design and national colours.  Perhaps the truth is a combination of all of them. 

The flag of Ecuador is yellow on the top half, which symbolises fertility and abundance and also recalls the Federation of Greater Colombia, to which Ecuador belonged.  The band below the yellow on the Ecuador flag is blue, the colour of the sea and the sky and said to represent Ecuador's independence from Spain and the Spanish conquistadores.  The lowest band on the flag is red which is variously said to represent either courage or the blood spilt in the fight for Ecuador's independence.

Ecuador's coat of arms is in the middle of the flag, showing the country protected beneath the wings of a condor, the huge national bird of Ecuador.  The Ecuador coat of arms shows snow-covered Mount Chimborazo (Ecuador's highest peak and the furthest point from the centre of the earth) and the first steamboat in Latin America sailing on Ecuador's great river, the river Guayas.

Ecuador flag

The Ecuador flag even has its own day - 26th September is the Day of the National Flag.  Students leaving school or college swear their allegiance to the flag of Ecuador in a special event called the "Oath to the Flag".  

The flag of Ecuador is treated with respect by citizens of the country and displayed proudly outside homes around the country on various public holidays.  Every school, college and business in the country has to buy an Ecuador flag to display on important days, and most households do the same.  Since the strong winds in the highlands destroy cheap flags quite quickly, buying Ecuador flags is a regular event for many.

Visit the Ecuador Travel Site .org for tourist information, travel tips, accommodation discounts, photos and more about Ecuador.

Ecuador Flag
Notes on the design and symbolism of the flag of Ecuador and Ecuador's coat of arms.  Buy Ecuador flags at football matches, but beware as cheap flags don't last long in strong winds.
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The flag of Equador
Ecuador flag being carried by school children.
National Ecuador flag flying at the top of a tower